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Hi – I am Nag Sayala, an experienced design strategist from Chicago. Ever since I was a kid growing up in India, used to draw pictures to express my ideas to my teachers, classmates, friends and family. Today, I do the same for organization to help either design the product or experience, design or re-design the process or business model. Whether its product, process or business, the common theme is delivering value though design of elements, features, functions, interactions. See my portfolio for details of my work.


While working with smaller companies at the beginning of my career helped me understand how to be tactical, nimble, frugal with resources, wear several hats to deliver the results. However later on, I was fortunate to work with some of the large companies such as CVS Health (Fortune 7), StateFarm , John Deere, helped me to think strategically, scalable, refactor existing processes and provide solutions at enterprise level, persuade teams to rally to adapt to new processes. I also acquired expertise solving issues such as cultural among large teams etc – I got better at things and formed relationships, leveraged domain knowledge to come up with new ideas, validated using focus groups, user research.


My formal education in Engineering from Marathwada University, India gave me the methodologies to improve productivity, efficiency, planning to prepare for the real-world problems. My MBA from LFGSM, gave me the ability to add business dimension to my design strategy.

Today, with all my experience and perseverance energized to tackle issue in a different way matured, sophisticated and measurable – I am not afraid of trying new stuff such as artificial intelligence, machine learning to help the user or customer experience.

I am a firm believer in personal development; Active leader at Toastmasters, Boys Scouts and frequent visitor to workshops/seminars.

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy: Today, strategy is very critical to success of any business . I can define the Strategy (for Product, User, Communication) to maximize the output while utilizing the resources such as people, time, technology and insights
  • Concept to product: I have hands-on experience developing concepts (rough mockups, low fidelity wireframes, prototypes) to finished product.
  • Analytics: I am well-versed with web analytics, metrics and KPIs from definition to implementation. Defining right analytics and metrics are key to develop both lead and lag indicators.
  • Technical background - I am very familiar with latest technology including Mobile, Responsive design, social media, cloud etc.




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